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Dalaman Airport to Marmaris - How to Get to Marmaris

view of Dalaman area from plane window

How to get to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport - Content Guide:

About Dalaman Airport

A General Overview

Dalaman airport is the biggest of the three international airports located in the southwestern section of Turkey. It is also the most modern, with its new terminal having been built very recently, and it will probably be the first destination of your holiday in Marmaris if you are coming from the United Kingdom.

Dalaman Airport's new terminal is used for international flights. It was designed by famed architect Emre Arolat in 2006 and an ungodly amount of investment was made into it for it to become one of the most luxurious airports in the middle east.

There are 32 kiosks for the processing of documents, and they use the EDA system to handle luggage, so you don't have to worry about luggage getting lost. The EDA system is an advanced system, so their lost & found section stays pretty much empty for most of the time.

Google maps screenshot of the distance calculation between Dalaman airport and Marmaris

Airport Services & Facilities

Dalaman airport has many services and facilities you may wish to make use of to expedite your journey. If you're in a hurry, they have a service called 'Fast Track' which you can make use of.

Passengers that pay for Fast Track will fly through the checkpoint lanes specially reserved for them and be out of the airport much faster than standard arrivals. It is quite expensive, however, priced at £40 as of March 2022.

The airport has two large shopping areas and one duty-free shop. We advise against using the shopping areas as the prices are exorbitantly high. A large coffee costs around £4, which is incredible compared to the price of coffee in Marmaris, which costs £1.

This applies to almost all items offered in the stores. But if the cost isn't an issue, then you might want to spend time in the shopping areas while waiting for your transfer. They are quite extensive. The cashiers also swear that Alan Carr once bought a good luck charm from 'Freedom', which is the name of one of the shops.


Side by side Havas airport shuttles from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris

Dalaman Havas & Muttas Airport Shuttles to Marmaris

Havas is Turkey's biggest airport ground handling service provider. Whether arriving in Istanbul, Ankara, Dalaman, or any other city in Turkey, Havas will probably be the company to take you to your desired city center. They have a large inventory of luxury shuttles in Dalaman Airport and are responsible for the transportation of visitors to the nearby towns, including Marmaris.

Did you know: Havas is semi-owned by HSBC and has passed every quality standards audit conducted by The British Standards Institution.

Havas shuttles are very spacey and comfortable. It can get boiling hot in Dalaman during the summers, so the air conditioning systems are checked regularly. They are usually pretty empty as the number of busses that take off is quite high. Price rates for children and adults are the same at 20 TRY.

The shuttle does stop at two other cities on the way to Marmaris, which increases the travel duration by roughly 20 minutes. You can expect to arrive in Marmaris in an hour and a half.

Havas is the most popular mode of public transport into Marmaris. When leaving the airport, you can find these shuttles opposite the exit slightly to the right. They are very hard to miss. However, it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed when first landing, so feel free to ask around for their location.

Passengers loading luggage into Muttas transfer shuttle to Marmaris

Muttas, on the other hand, is a transfer service provided by the Mugla Municipal Government, which is the area Marmaris is located in. Muttas shuttles are also very popular among tourists going to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport.

Quality-wise, there really isn't much difference between Muttas and Havas, so feel free to jump on whichever one catches your eye.

Muttas buses are next to where Havas buses are located. Their hours are very convenient, starting from 04:00 daily. There is one more thing that's very convenient about Muttas shuttles, and it is that they disembark according to how full the bus is rather than waiting a certain period.

So you could literally leave the airport and be on your way to Marmaris within ten minutes. Mind you, the capacity for buses has been halved due to Covid-19, so the drivers only wait until half of the bus is full.

Timetable for Muttas buses

The timetable above shows the hours for Muttas buses. The cost for Muttas buses is 25 TRY per adult. Small children are not charged.


Valet opening car door to welcome passengers for airport transfer

Private Airport Transfer Services

When looking for speed and luxury, private transfers are the best mode of transport to Marmaris. Hundreds of firms offer airport transfer services from Dalaman airport to Marmaris and other holiday hotspots in the region.

It can be a bit confusing trying to pick a service provider among the crowd. Keep in mind that any one person with a car can start a private transfer business, so make sure to do your research before booking with a service provider.

You may also want to check inside the airport for private transfer providers. Large airport transfer services have kiosks inside the airport. They are located in the main gallery next to the rent-a-car services. They usually have notices like 'Marmaris Transfer' or 'Airport Transfer to Marmaris' on them.

More reputable companies have higher prices but are much more dependable. Some smaller firms offer convenient payment options, such as payment with cash upon arrival. If planning to book with a smaller company, ensure that the payment option is risk-free. You will have no problem with some of the larger companies though, and they do offer discounts for those that pre-book.

Private shuttles to Marmaris are more expensive than the other options. While the price depends on the vehicle of your choice, a return transfer with the most economic option (generally Renault Megane) will cost around £40.

It might also be helpful to add that VIP services that prefer payment in Turkish Lira may be a more economic choice this summer. Because of the huge inflation rates prices are beginning to trail behind, meaning that you can actually save a pretty sum if you find a company that charges in liras.


A series of taxis in Turkey

Taxi Rates From Dalaman Airport to Marmaris

Taxis are a really convenient option when going to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport. You can find these on the left upon leaving the airport. Many tourists prefer taxis as their mode of transport into town because of their convenience and lower prices compared to private transfers. During summers, 72 taxis travel from Dalaman airport to Marmaris every day.

As of March 2022, taking a taxi from Dalaman to Marmaris costs 320 TRY, which roughly translates to £17. If the price isn't an issue and you don't want to take the bus, going by taxi is highly recommended and will probably be the most convenient option.

Taxis at Dalaman airport only offer return transfers for the same day, so if you'd prefer to book a return transfer beforehand and not worry about how you're going to go back, private transfers might be a more suitable option. That said, however, most hotels do offer taxi services, so you probably won't have much trouble going back to Dalaman airport from Marmaris.


aerial view of Dalaman

Staying in Dalaman

If for any reason you find yourself unable to use any of the transfer services, don't worry. Dalaman Airport's got you covered. The Airport Guest House, located about 1km away from the Airport is a beautiful boutique hotel that business people and holidayers use regularly when needed.

It is a very convenient choice for those in need of accommodation near the airport, and as of March 2022, the emergency rate for a room is 450 TRY.



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