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Top 10 Best Takeaways in Marmaris

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Looking for a quick bite?

These Marmaris takeaways will blow your mind while keeping your wallet intact.

closeup of chicken wrap served at Crazy Kebab Shop

Marmaris is a literal hotspot for all kinds of fast food. From kebabs to fish & chips or pizza, you can find a takeaway here to suit your wishes. But which ones are the best?

"Are there well-known takeaways in Marmaris that I should be checking out?" I hear you ask.

The answer is yes, and what's more, we have compiled a list of the crème de la crème of Marmaris takeaways that will leave you asking for seconds.

Without further ado, here is our list of Top 10 Best Takeaways in Marmaris!

chicken and rice meal platter

Price: Low-to-Mid Range

What to Have: The Doner Kebab is genuinely superb.

Crazy Kebab Shop is a massive local favorite in Marmaris. Their menu consists of a wide range of cuisines such as pizza, burgers and kebabs, but what makes them special is their incredible doner kebabs.

(They really could have done a bit more with the name, though.)

The Chef's Special Doner Kebabs have been a hit with both the locals of Marmaris and nearby towns and tourists alike for over 10 years. What's more, their warm and welcoming service brings the famous Turkish hospitality to light.

Another reason why Crazy Kebab Shop is at the top of our list is its location. Being located bang in the center of town (quite close to the pubs too) makes it very convenient. So convenient, in fact, that you will surely find yourself coming across it on your holidays in Marmaris.

With all that in mind, Crazy Kebab Shop takes the top spot on our list. Be sure to check them out next time you are looking for Marmaris kebabs!


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fish and chips serving

Price: Low-Range

What to Have: The Calamari is a local favorite.

If you're a fan of Fish & Chips, Forever Chippy's the place!

Located in Armutalan, Forevers Chippy is arguably the best takeaway Marmaris has to offer when feeling homesick.

Best Armutalan Takeaway

Of course, being located in a port town has its advantages for this fine establishment. They serve a wide variety of different species of fish, such as Mediterranean Cod, haddock, and flounder. It is an excellent example of when British culture meets Turkish culture.

They have a beautifully crisp batter and golden chips. Also, a great number of condiments can be found in Forever Chippy. Among the local eats, Forever Chippy is undoubtedly among the top.


yorkshire pudding

Price: Mid-Range

What to Have: Hash browns!

Harry Rams is a perfect choice of takeaway when looking for British Food in Marmaris. They serve everything from Yorkshire Pudding to Full English Breakfast. Hash browns, in particular, are fantastic!

It is located in Armutalan. Not the most convenient location, perhaps, but it is definitely one of the top spots that everyone coming to Marmaris should visit at least once.

Especially for those staying in Armutalan, Harry Rams is a must-go.

Their menu is what separates them from the crowd. While Marmaris serves a lot of British food, only Harry Rams will make you feel like you are in your local Wetherspoon's. A feat indeed for a takeaway thousands of miles away from the nearest Weatherspoon's.


margherita pizza

Prices: Mid-Range

What to Have: Try The Margherita!

Fantasia is one of those takeaways that no one goes only once. They are well known for their solid customer base, greeting their returning regulars every season with new additions to their fantastic menu. Among their best, The Margherita pizza is one that both locals and tourists swear by.

They have very high reviews on most sites and not for nothing. Fantasia's comprehensive menu, locally sourced ingredients, superb service, and welcoming attitude put them among the best of Marmaris Takeaways.

Mind you, Fantasia is not only a takeaway but a restaurant too. They have a large seating area where you can rest in the breeze after a long day under the sun and enjoy snacks and a couple drinks.

Marmaris Vegetarian Food

Fantasia takes the lead among Marmaris takeaways in vegetarian and vegan options. Their menu has a wide selection of choices for both preferences, having their veggie burger at the helm.


burger and chips

Price: Mid-to-High Range

What to have: The Double Cheeseburger is their champion!

Lush Burger delivers by far the best burgers in Icmeler. They have a huge selection consisting of both traditional burgers, like their favored Cheeseburger, and creative burgers closer to home, like their doner burger.

Their prices may be a bit steep for some, but Lush Burger definitely delivers on their promise. Especially for the looking to stay in Icmeler, this newly established takeaway arguably serves the best Marmaris burger.

Their seating area is also spotless and well-designed, perfect for those looking to get away from the heat.

Best Burger in Marmaris!


margherita pizza at pizza timo marmaris

Price: Mid-Range

What to Have: Any of their Jumbo Pizzas!

Pizza Timo is an all-time rockstar of Icmeler Pizzerias. The team over at Timo are creative, so don't be surprised if you see pizzas of all sizes and shapes. Their pizzas are great in taste and funky in style!

Timo is located in Icmeler, a distance away from central Marmaris, but it is one of those must-see, must-try options for those staying in, or travelling through Icmeler. Their special is the Jumbo Pizza. It tastes great and makes for hilarious holiday photos. What's more, they are very, very friendly to locals and tourists alike.

There is one small problem, though... They are closed!

But, they are planning to make a comeback this season, so be sure to check them out whenever you're in Icmeler.


adana kebab dish

Price: Low-Range

What to Have: Can't Go Wrong With The Doner Wrap And Chips.

Ottoman Kebab is a perfect example of a traditional Turkish takeaway. They use traditional equipment, serve traditional dishes, and even their outfits are traditional! Sometimes they even bring out an Ottoman janissary. It is sure to be a quality experience for families and those looking to learn more about the culture of Turkey during their time here.

Ottoman Kebabs serve great food. Some may even say that they are the best Marmaris Kebab house, but they are also very affordable. Most meals cost short of 50 TRY, which comes to a whopping £2.50.

They may not be in the most convenient location or have the most luxurious sitting area, but the traditional Turkish experience and their delicious kebabs are sure to leave a mark.



doner wraps

Price: Low-Range

What to Have: The Chicken Wrap is a steal at 14 TRY.

Antiokheia takes the spot with their prices alone. It is a great Marmaris Icmeler Kebab House where you can feed a family for under £5. The Chicken Wrap is their main attraction and a favorite among locals as a low-priced meal to have when in Icmeler.

They are also very hygienic. The tables are spread apart and cleaned very regularly, and the staff shows great consideration for the Covid-19 regulations to make sure that everyone enjoys their time in Marmaris without worrying about Coronavirus.

For those that are wondering, the name comes from the ancient Hellenistic city in place of modern-day Icmeler.


otto restaurant logo

Price: Mid-Range

What to Have: Ask for 'Gozleme'

Otto admittedly is not a takeaway. It is more of a restaurant and coffee shop, but it does have a great takeaway menu with a huge selection of dishes from Turkish, British and Greek cultures. This is the one for the gourmets.

Their main takeaway dish is the 'Gozleme', which is a Turkish food similar to quesadilla.

When visiting, you might also wanna check out their options for dessert and coffee. They really have some gems on that menu.

Otto is also located in the center of Marmaris, just a brief stroll from the Marina, a perfect choice for evening meals.


shish kebab at Yesil Bufe

10. Yesil Bufe

Price: Mid-Range

What to Have: The Lamb Kebab!

Yesil Bufe is a small family-run kebab house in the center of Marmaris. It's not as glamorous as some of the other takeaways on this list, but when it comes to food, Yesil Bufe holds its own very nicely.

You may not want to go out of your way to try this takeaway, but if you happen upon it while exploring the city center, be sure to check it out. The food is very nice indeed.

Address: Tepe. Yeniyol Cad. No:32.


That's a Wrap!

Marmaris is a really rich town for cuisine. The entries on our list were only a glimpse of what Marmaris can offer in terms of fast food. Every season, a wave of new establishments open here, serving dishes from hundreds of cuisines.

This list can help point you toward some of the most known fast food locations in Marmaris, Icmeler, and Armutalan, but the real fun is exploring the rich tapestry of Marmaris fast food and restaurants for yourself when visiting.

Marmaris Takeaways - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any delivery service for Marmaris takeaways?

Yes, you can order to your hotel easily thorugh either one of Turkey's popular food delivery apps, Getir and Yemeksepeti. These are available in many languages through the App Store and Google Play.

How much do Marmaris takeaways cost on average?

What type of cuisine is available in Marmaris takeaways?

Are there any vegetarian options available in Marmaris takeaways?

What is the popular dish in Marmaris takeaways?

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