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Marmaris Water Sports & Activities

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Water sports in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean for water sports enthusiasts. With crystal-clear waters, mild climate, and stunning sceneries, 'Maris' offers a wide range of water sports and activities for adrenaline lovers of all ages and skill levels.

From sailing and windsurfing in waters where Ottoman sultans and Order Knights once clashed to diving for lost treasure, there are plenty of water sports to keep you entertained during your visit.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the top 15 water sports and activities in Marmaris. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or a leisurely paddler, you're sure to find something that suits your interests. So, grab your wetsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and let's dive into the world of Marmaris water sports!


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Marmaris scuba diving excursion for families

1. Go Scuba Diving At The Galleon & Chimney

There really is no better place to go diving in these waters than Marmaris. The whole area is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. With its crystal-clear waters and rich marine life, it's no surprise that diving is one of the most popular water activities in the area. The southwest regions's waters are home to hundreds of marine wildlife endemic to the area.

You can explore a variety of dive sites, ranging from shallow reefs to deep underwater caves. The waters around Marmaris are home to a variety of marine life, including colorful fish, octopus, sea turtles, and even dolphins.

And for those looking to try scuba diving for the first time, there are a number of PADI-certified courses to learn the basics of diving. Don't forget to take an underwater camera with you, though. You never know, you might stumble across species never seen before!


Man doing flyboarding in Marmaris Central Beach

2. Flyboard!

Flyboarding is a relatively new water sport that involves wearing a jetpack-like device that propels you into the air. It's been around for a few seasons in Marmaris and has literally launched the contemporary water sports scene into the air.

Marmaris Sunset Flyboard Tour is probably the most popular option among these. It takes you on a journey along the stunning coastline of Marmaris, where you'll get to fly over crystal clear waters and take in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. And as the sun sets on the horizon, you'll feel like you're flying through a painting.

It's easy to learn, readily available at any one of the main beaches, and comes in at around a reasonable £25.


Snorkelling tour in Fethiye

3. Try a Snorkeling Tour

If the big blue seems a bit spooky you can always take a peak first by signing up for one of the snorkelling tours that leave Marmaris marina daily.

All kinds of snorkelling gear are available to rent from many of the local tour companies. There are different tours for different areas, so there are plenty of options for whichever sea landmarks you favor.

From the beautiful reefs and rocky outcroppings around Marmaris to deep sea caves and diveholes, the waters around Marmaris and Icmeler are packed full of interesting things to explore. You might even spot some of the same marine life as you would while diving, including sea turtles and colorful fish.

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A group of people falling off a banana boat

4. Conquer the Banana Boat!

It wouldn't be a ture Marmaris holiday without trying at least once to become the first person in the history of the town to successfully cling on to a banana boat. It's just not possible, not with the captains towing them.

It makes for an utterly hilarious ride, though, especially for families and groups. After all, what's better than watching your least favorite relative lift up ten feet in the air right? What's more, you can experience this joy for just short of £15 per person.


Parasailing excursions in Dalaman

5. Go Parasailing!

In Marmaris, there are a variety of parasailing activities available for thrill-seekers of all ages and experience levels. Whether you're a first-time flyer or an experienced parasailer looking to explore new venues, you're sure to find an adventure that suits your needs.

The most popular option among holidayers is the duo parasailing, where you can fly above the Mediterranean with a friend or loved one. As you soar high above the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean Sea, you'll be able to take in stunning views of Marmaris' beautiful coastline, including its golden sands, rugged cliffs, and small fishing villages.

For those who crave even more excitement, there's the adrenaline-pumping "extreme parasailing" experience. This heart-pounding adventure takes you higher and faster than normal parasailing, with speeds reaching up to 60 miles per hour. This option is usually priced at around £65 per person.

No matter which parasailing adventure you choose, safety is always a top priority. All equipment is regularly inspected and reported to the municipality to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards, and all parasailing activities are conducted by experienced and licensed professionals who are committed to providing a fun and safe experience for all participants.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable adventure in Marmaris, be sure to check out the exciting parasailing activities available. Whether you're flying solo or with a friend, you're sure to have a thrilling experience that you'll remember for years to come.


Water skiing in Dalyan

6. Water Skiing in Dalyan

For those who love speed, water skiing is a must-try activity in Marmaris. You'll be pulled behind a speedboat as you skim across the water on a pair of skis. It's a fun and exciting way to explore the coastline and get your adrenaline pumping.

This option is available in Marmaris for around £35 per person, but locals and holidayers usually agree that Dalyan is probably a better option for this kind of activity as the shallower waters are emptier.

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Wakeboarding in Marmaris Uzunyali

7. Wakeboarding in Uzunyali

If you're looking for a more adventurous experience, you might consider taking a wakeboarding tour of the coastline. These tours will take you to some of the most beautiful spots in Marmaris, where you can wakeboard in the open sea and enjoy the stunning views.

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, there are also wakeboarding options available on the local lakes and rivers. You can rent a wakeboarding boat and spend the day exploring the calm waters of these inland areas.

These tours usually last anywhere between half a day to up to a week for the famous "Blue Tour". Dining is included, and prices vary between £30 - £50 for half-dayers.


man doing jet skiing in Marmaris

8. Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is an awesome choice for those looking to explore the nearby waters relatively easier and safer than some of the previous entries in this list. You can rent a jet ski from many of the local tour companies and explore the coastline at high speeds.

It's a great way to get your heart racing and experience the thrill of speed on the water, all for under £45.


Family kayaking tour in Bozburun

9. Cruise Around with a Kayak

Kayaking options are plenty in Marmaris for both beginners and more experienced kayakers, rocking arguably the best kayak route in the area with the coastline of Marmaris Bay, which is known for its aquamarine waters and gorgeous scenery.

For families and beginners, there are guided tours available that give an introduction to kayaking and take participants on a leisurely paddle around the bay. These tours typically last around 2-3 hours and include all necessary equipment, as well as a guide who will provide instruction and point out interesting sights along the way. These are usually priced at around £35.

More experienced kayakers may be interested in taking on some of the more challenging routes around Marmaris, such as the Datca Peninsula or the Gulf of Gokova. These routes can take several days to complete and require a much higher level of fitness and paddling experience, but they offer some of the most breathtaking scenery and exhilarating paddling experiences in the Mediterranean.


Paddle boarding around Marmaris Bay

10. Paddle Boarding Around the Bay

If kayaking seems a bit too sedentary, you can always go for a paddle around Marmaris Bay. It's a great full-body workout and a fun way to explore the coastline. You can rent paddleboards from many of the tour vendors in town.

These are also available for groups, and tend to go for a few hours to a whole day. If you're planning to go as a group, prices will generally vary around £25 per person.


Sailboats for rent in Icmeler

11. Rent a Sailboat

Marmaris' central marina is full of all kinds of sailboats available for hire. Every year, these boats sail out to host weddings, boat parties, excursions, and pretty much anything else you can do out on the sea.

Experienced captains helm these boats, and you much more freedom to plan your route and host your own events. These all come at a much higher price than most other activities, though, coming in at around £800 per day for most mid-sized vessels.

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Catamaran for hire at Netsel Marina

12. Or, Even Better, Book a Catamaran!

Aside from looking like a spaceship, Catamaran rentals are also favored among holidayers in Marmaris looking for water sports and activities for their extra space and higher stability compared to sailboats.

These are bigger, cooler, and more luxurious than most of the sailboats available for rent, and Catamaran sailing is regarded as one of the best high-end water activities in Marmaris.

Prices cruise around at £1,000 per day throughout the summer months, but you can probably get one for much less in the off-season when the demand goes down a bit.


Salmon fishing in Mugla province

13. Join a Sea Fishing Group

Marmaris and many of the nearby holiday towns host daily fishing tours where you can grab a rod and reel for under £20 and possibly come back with a 30 - 40lb swordfish. There are many different fish species that can be found around here. Some of the common species include:

  • Sea Bass (Levrek)

  • Red Mullet (Barbunya)

  • Sea Bream (Çipura)

  • Bluefish (Lüfer)

  • Swordfish (Kılıç Balığı)

  • Gilt-head Bream (Çupra)

  • Sardines (Sardalya)

  • Tuna (Orkinos)

  • Mahi Mahi (Çipura Balığı)

  • Bonito (Palamut)

Note that the species available may vary depending on the season and fishing conditions. It's always a good idea to check with local fishing experts or tour guides for the best time and location to catch specific fish species.


Boats docked at Marmaris marina

14. Go Kite Surfing

There's an amazing community of kite surfers in the southwest of Turkey. And every year, hundreds of local and travelling surfers head over to Azmak for a truly unique kite surfing experience in the Mediterranean.

Kite surfing costs anywhere between £50 - £100 depending on the vendor. It might also be a good idea to check out one of the social media groups on kite surfing to get expert tips from the regulars.


Windsurfing during Icmeler's offseason

15. Windsurfing In the Offseason

Marmaris is almost completely devoid of wind for most of the summer season. But towards about mid-September the wind starts to pick up a bit. And that's when there are some fantastic opportunities to do a bit of windsurfing around the bay.

The gear is a bit harder to find at this time as most excursion agencies are only open during the summer, but a bit of looking around the old town, and you can probably get yourself a rig for a couple days for about £100.

Windsurfing is definitely one of the most exciting activities to have a go at for those planning to visit in the off-season when there's a bit more of a breeze in Marmaris.

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To sum up, Marmaris is the ultimate destination for water sports enthusiasts. There's something for everyone, whether you're a pro or a newbie. It's packed with thrilling activities like jet skiing, flyboarding, and kite surfing, as well as more chilled out stuff like fishing and sailing.

So, if you're feeling adventurous, Marmaris is the place to be. Don't miss out on the chance to have a blast with water sports. Book your trip now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Marmaris Water Sports - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of water sports can I do in Marmaris?

Parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat riding, flyboarding, and wind surfing are among the most popular water sports to do in Marmaris.

What is the best time of year to do water sports in Marmaris?

Do I need to bring any equipment for water sports in Marmaris?

Is it safe to do water sports in Marmaris?

Do I need to have any prior experience to do water sports in Marmaris?


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