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Ideal Prime Beach Marmaris Review - Is Ideal Prime Beach Good?

Ideal Prime Beach Hotel Marmaris outdoor pool and bar area

Ideal Prime Beach is a popular all-inclusive four-star hotel located in uptown Marmaris, 3km from the castle and bang in the center of Uzunyali Long Beach. It is a well-known option among regular holidayers, and you're bound to know someone that stayed here at some point.

There are over 300 hotels and apart-hotels in Marmaris. So, how does Ideal Prime Beach rank among all the other great choices for 2022? To have a better grasp of how Ideal Prime Beach compares to the other hotels in Marmaris, we've looked at their location, pricing, amenities, and quality of service.


Ideal Prime Beach Hotel in Marmaris

Ideal Prime Beach Location

Being located in a very popular area of Marmaris, at Uzunyali, Ideal Prime Beach is perfectly convenient for those looking to enjoy the many luxuries of a lush 4-star resort, while also remaining close to the action in the city center.

Being located in Uzunyali means Ideal Prime Beach has access to its own private beach right in the center of Marmaris, a feat not many hotels can claim. Prime Beach's portion of the shoreline is very well looked after, and the sand is beautifully golden.

When it comes to location, Ideal Prime Beach is super-duper. It is perfectly located, so if you want to enjoy a calm stroll down the bottom end of Uzunyali, you can head to the back-end of Long Beach for a tranquil evening walk. Or, if you're looking to party hard, but still be able to return to your room with relative ease, you can walk to Bar Street or one of the vibrant bars located just down the road in Uzunyali!


Ideal Prime Beach Hotel balcony view


Pricing is of utmost importance when choosing which hotel to stay in. There's no better feeling than getting a couple extra days with the same money you'd be paying elsewhere.

Luckily, Ideal Prime Beach Resort is a reasonably priced option, as luxury resorts go, that is.

We've visited their own booking website. As of March 2022, pre-booking a family room for July costs around 800 TRY per night.


Ideal Prime Beach Hotel indoor pool

Ideal Prime Beach Amenities

The resort offers many facilities for those looking to enjoy some of the more luxurious aspects of holidaying in a Marmaris hotel. There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor, a fully equipped spa, a private terrace, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and, of course, a private beach area.

There are also many activities suited for families. At Ideal Prime Beach, you can take your pick among the many evening entertainment options such as theater shows and karaoke night. Looking at their social media posts, it's not hard to see that these entertainment options are a favorite among guests.


Ideal Prime Beach Hotel children's play area

Quality of Service

If you've been to Marmaris before, you might have heard the term 'Turkish Hospitality', and Ideal Prime Beach is a proud proponent of this. The hotel employs anywhere between 35-70 staff members during most seasons, and they're very picky about who represents their name on the hotel floor.

We have had nothing but good times at Ideal Beach, and guest reviews also point out how helpful and friendly the staff were. What's more, most of the personnel in Ideal Beach are quite fluent in English, so you should have no problems navigating around the resort. Remember, Turkish people regard guests almost like dear friends, so don't hesitate to ask the staff for help or advice.

Update: Following the start of the 2022 summer season, Ideal Prime Beach has completely overhauled its customer service efforts and has garnered an enormous amount of interest from many holidayers planning a trip to Marmaris. They now have a much wider support staff, which is certainly a breath of fresh air for those struggling to get in contact with other hotels.


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