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Shopping in Marmaris - All You Need to Know

traditional Turkish serving dishes in Marmaris

Marmaris offers a huge number of shops that specialize in anything from knitwork to jewelry, but most of all, imitations of big brands are very popular here. But how do we choose where to go for the best prices?

It is important to research before going shopping in Marmaris because prices vary greatly between areas, and no one wants to see the same item they just bought being sold somewhere else for half the price!

We've taken a deeper look into which areas or shops are most convenient for travelers, offer the best prices, and overall provide a great shopping experience for their customers. We've divided and highlighted certain areas that offer a great shopping experience to help you make the most of your shopping here in Marmaris.

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marmaris grand bazaar shoe shop

The Grand Bazaar!

The Grand Bazaar in Marmaris is the most famous, and probably the most comprehensive shopping hub in Marmaris. It offers shops selling clothes, decorations, Turkish delight, and even hookah pipes!

You can be sure to find a vast variety of items to choose from in The Bazaar. While it has its drawbacks, if you're looking for a specific design, chances are you'll find it in The Grand Bazaar. What's more, it is right in the center of Marmaris, which means you can sit and enjoy a couple of drinks or a delicious takeaway after you're done shopping.

display of watches in marmaris grand bazaar

Its central location means, however, that proprietors pay much higher rents than shop owners in other areas of Marmaris. This is, in turn, reflected in the prices here and you may have to pay a bit more here for the same items.

One thing you can do to lower the prices is to haggle. Admittedly, it's not a fun thing to have to do, especially on holiday, but the price system here in Marmaris leaves some room for haggling. This means you could get what you're looking for at a lower price. If not a big fan of haggling, you can just offer the price you'd like to pay. If the proprietor doesn't accept it, don't worry. You can probably find the same item in ten other shops in The Bazaar.


a series of Ottoman lamps displayed in a Marmaris shop

Shopping in Marmaris Main Street

A huge number of shops surround the main street of Marmaris. These are very similar to those you can find in The Bazaar, with one difference being the shops in the main street specialize more on big brand clothes rather than decorations and sweets.

These are very convenient for holidayers staying in Marmaris because chances are that you'll be passing through the main street when going downtown or to the beach. If anything catches your attention, don't be afraid to go in and ask for the price. You never know, sometimes the one item that you really liked is also their lowest-priced item.

If planning to shop on the main street, you might want to focus more on shops on either side of the street rather than those in the middle. Because of the huge amounts of rent shop owners pay, you may be able to find lower prices in areas where the rent is cheaper.


Turkish delight

Shopping in Armutalan

Armutalan is a district within walking distance of Marmaris city center. It is very popular for travelers looking to spend less on hotels and don't mind the extra distance. You might be happy to hear then that the same applies to shopping as well. Imagine the difference in rent paid between a shop in The Grand Bazaar and one in Armutalan.

You can find a large number of shops in Armutalan as well. When shopping here, be sure to check out the areas around the main street. Also, some shops in the back streets may surprise you. You can find shops here that deal in more niche items and brands that may be right up your alley. At a lower price too!


Display of rings at a shop in Icmeler

Shopping in Icmeler

Icmeler is also a very popular hub for shopping. Especially for those staying in Icmeler, the many shops offer a splendid chance to explore and do some shopping at lower prices than the main street or The Bazaar.

Admittedly, there aren't a huge number of shops selling decorations or novelty items here, but if looking for clothes, shoes, and other big brand items, Icmeler will provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Icmeler is also home to some of the best takeaways in Marmaris, so be sure to pop in for a quick bite and rest after a long day of shopping!


narrow street in Mugla Turkey with cafes

What About Mugla City Center?

Mugla is the name of the province Marmaris is located in. The city center is 65 km away from Marmaris and is a hidden gem for those willing to make the trip. A lot of regular visitors visit Mugla to do their shopping before going back.

The reason why some travelers make the extra trip to Mugla city center is because of the enormous change in prices. Unlike Marmaris, Mugla hasn't been discovered by tourists yet, so shop owners have much lower costs for rent, which is reflected in their prices, and generally take out the extra price reserved for haggling.

To give an example, a pair of big brand trainers that cost £10 in the Grand Bazaar will be available for £5 in Central Mugla. So, if you're planning to fill up your luggage with goodies, shopping in Mugla will be an absolute treat.




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