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Is Casa De Maris Spa & Resort Good? - Marmaris Hotel Review

casa de maris hotel marmaris

Tucked away at the bottom end of Long Beach, Casa De Maris is one of Marmaris' most popular accommodation options. Famous for its classy and luxurious interior design and lively atmosphere, it manages to bring together the beauty of Marmaris' stunning landscape and legendary party vibe in the form of a 5-star resort.

This side of Long Beach also has a reputation as a wellness and healing destination. It offers several excellent yoga and spa retreats in case you need to recover after a wild night, which is a high possibility here in Marmaris.

But is Casa De Maris worth it?


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casa de maris hotel outside pool

Casa De Maris Spa & Resort - First Impressions

It is fair to say upfront that Casa de Maris is a spectacular beach hotel, as are most of the other top-rated hotels and aparts in Marmaris. After all, receiving hundreds of positive feedback from guests every year means they must be doing something right. It is also reasonably priced (for a 5-star, of course) and well maintained.

In addition, the hotel has ample amenities, including an extensive spa, a large pool, excellent food & beverage outlets, and more. The one downside to this hotel is that it has 189 rooms, so it definitely doesn’t have the unique boutique feel that some of the other popular hotels in Marmaris do.

Understandably not a huge deal for many, as not many of us expect absolute serenity from a five-star hotel. Still, some of the other hotels in this part of Marmaris have a certain continental atmosphere that makes you feel at home in this lovely little Mediterranean town. But not Casa De Maris, unfortunately.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Casa De Maris will not be your next favorite thing. As a matter of fact, most return visitors swear by the resort, and not for nothing, as you’ll see in this review.

casa de maris hotel location

Where Is Casa De Maris Located?

Casa De Maris has a pretty much unbeatable location in Marmaris. It’s close enough to the center of the action that you won’t have to take a cab to come back but also far enough that you can still go to sleep without having to put earplugs in. If you're more interested in a well-located hotel in Icmeler, on the other hand, there are many other fantastic options to check out like the Aqua and the Navy Resort.

In addition, it’s within walking distance of the city center, where most of the action is in terms of shopping and partying. The immediate area also has several hole-in-the-wall restaurants, cafes, and bars.

If you’re flying into or out of Dalaman International Airport, you can expect the transfer to take around an hour between the airport and hotel.

casa de maris hotel reception

Casa De Maris Reception

The reception area is very extravagant, leaving many first-timers feeling like billionaires. It certainly gives an excellent first impression of your holiday in Marmaris and is also an accurate foreshadowing of the rest of the hotel.

However, the beauty of the reception quickly begins to fade after having to wait there for ages. Many guests complain that they have had to wait up to half an hour just to get to the front desk because of the swell of guests coming in at the same time, especially during the peak of the holiday season. Admittedly not what you want after a long trip.

casa de maris marmaris suite room

Casa De Maris Rooms

After checking in, one of the bellboys will take your luggage and direct you to your room. Feel free to tip them as the cleaning and reception staff are usually those tipped the least. There are four room types to choose from:

  • Standard Room with Sea View

  • Standard Room with Land View

  • Standard Side Room with Sea View

  • Suite with Sea View

Depending on the view, there is about a 30% price difference between the standard rooms, but the interior is exactly the same. Don’t let ‘standard’ fool you; these rooms are absolutely gorgeous and more than luxurious. These are decked with everything you can expect from a five-star, and either one or two double beds depending on your preference.

The suite room is considerably more expensive. The primary differences are that suites have their own large balconies overlooking the beach, and the beds are king-size. The interior of these is different from the standard rooms and, admittedly, much more luxurious.

marmaris hotel restaurant

Dining & Snacks

The main restaurant offers all-day dining where traditional Turkish and International flavors are combined through sizzling grills and elite kitchen staff. You are invited to have a memorable dining experience with an open kitchen, ample space, and a magnificent view.

Moreover, there is an evening special for different world cuisines pretty much every evening. So even if you’re not a massive fan of their standard menus, you can always hit up a couple of these culinary expeditions to treat your taste buds. Keep in mind, though, that these do cost extra for some stays.

Apart from that, the standard all-day snacking options are available too. If you’re feeling a bit peckish or could do with a drink, feel free to raid one of the poolside snack bars or hit the beach and get yourself mojitos on tap.

casa de maris amenities

Casa De Maris Amenities

Now, this is where Casa De Maris really rises above the crowd. The extra price unsurprisingly comes with plenty of additional amenities. These include:

  • Animation

  • Guided yoga

  • A huge gym

  • Sauna & Turkish bath

  • Special evening activities (dances, karaoke, concerts, etc.)

The sauna, in particular, is very impressive. It is a perfect next stop after a grueling gym session or a long day under the sun. Oh, and while there, don’t forget to cash in your free massage vouchers.

Other than that, the main pool is large enough to accommodate the scale of visitors even during the peak season. But if the sun is getting to you a bit too much, you can always head over to one of the mostly-empty indoor pools.

After having relaxed nicely, you may wish to consider attending the evening activity of the day. These range from traditional dances and karaoke nights to circus acts and fire shows. Who knows what you’ll run into!


Casa De Maris - Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Casa De Maris hotel from the beach?

Casa De Maris hotel is located just 150 meters from the beach in Marmaris. It is within a short walking distance from the hotel and is easily accessible for guests who wish to spend time at the beach.

Is Casa De Maris hotel pet-friendly?

What is the closest airport to Casa De Maris hotel?

What are the check-in and check-out times at Casa De Maris hotel?

Does Casa De Maris hotel offer room service?


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